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24th-Nov-2012 10:48 pm - Craving for Yellow Gold Tour 3011
Hey guys! This is my first post to this community :) Yurushiku neh!

I wanted to get Yellow Gold Tour 3011 or watch it so badly but just can't get it in some reasons. So, I wish to get links to download the DVD of the tour. If you're don't mind, can any of you tell me where to download the videos? 

JABEP, Jin Akanishi
*********************************SUPER DUPER MAJOR PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!**************************************************

Dear Loyal fans around the world! For the upcoming month of May 1st - May 31st 2012, us, JABEP (aka Jin Akanishi & Blackeyed Peas Int'l Loving Fanpage) plus 6 other teams are joint together on a major project to get everyone involved in “Supporting Jin Akanishi”! This is one project that cannot be missed! We are standing united to bring to Jin our fullest support ever!

Please watch our promotional video with the link provided: SPREAD THE NEWS LIKE WILDFIRE! SO COME AND JOIN US FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 2012 TO SUPPORT JIN!! HE DESERVES IT! ^^

For more details and to download the links for this project check out the link below here:


So, let’s celebrate Jin for the Month of May and let’s spread this news worldwide like Wild Fire!! Shall we?!? ^^

*** Stay tuned for more special activities planned by these hosting sites for the month of May, via the host Facebook pages, Twitter and Tumblr accounts! ****

Ciao! ^^

Got questions about this project? Feel free to leave a comment here or email us at jaandbep@gmail.com and we'll be happy to answer them! Thanks for Supporting Jin! ^o^
jin curly
Wow, Meisa Kuroki a.k.a. Mrs. Jin Akanishi is really glowing in this PV of Frenemy, the single for the CM of Baida's Smart Pet. Check it out!

16th-Mar-2012 09:34 pm - Japonicana fan repo!!
This is my repo for the NYC con + meet. Hope you enjoy <3
JE Replica Accessories (Deadline 30 March 2012)

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I am going to Japan next week, thus taking all orders of singles or albums at 15% additional charge on top of official prices.
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Press here to be redirected to the report! Now with pictures!
I'm tired right now, so if it doesnt sound human, you know why!

Press here to be redirected to the report!
16th-Feb-2012 07:16 pm - Sun Burns down contest
Does anyone know what happened with this.  According to the official rules they were supposed to pick the top 5 on monday, and have them up for voting on tuesday.  I'm wondering if the sudden marriage news affected it.  Mostly im just curious.  I had submitted a video, and had read the rules carefully so i would know what was going on timeline wise, but it just seems to be at a stand still.

Beyond Yamapi

Comments + Likes Please! <3
This is our entry for the Sun Burns Down Fan Video contest.

(Cross Posted this btw....sorry!)
jin curly
Jin Akanishi has super Jinius fans. And since Jin Akanishi's Sun Burns Down fan video contest is on high gear and I've been lurking on You Tube checking out the uploads and here are my favorites so far at http://islandgurl84.livejournal.com/28624.html
You can also check out my twitter for the posts https://twitter.com/#!/islandgurl704

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