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06.08.26 24 hours TV live report [updating..]

..because it's taking ages to download from clubbox, I'm translating Danpa's diary...[ignore mistakes because I'm sure there are A LOT but please deal with it...m(_ _)m]


(18:19) The news before program had a 2-3 sec black screen accident. Japan TV's producer must be really careful about this program too (laugh). Let's hope for the next 24 hours, this kind of accident won't happen again.

(18:30 START) It's still quite bright outside

(18:34) KAT-TUN appears!!!!!! Jin's smile looks quite energetic!!!! Green T-shirt+pants+black boots. His pose while standing up is SO HOT! Noooo~~ So pretty in up-close~~~~~~~~ Hair style, a little curles on the side, but that's still so hot~~~!!!

(18:39) IT'S OUT~~~~~~~~~!! KAT-TUN appears in donation court~~~!!! The people who donates gets to shake hands with everyone~~! (blow bubbles) Jin smiled when he said "Thank you so much"~~~~ah~~~~~~~!

(18:43) アニマル浜口's so loud (laugh)

(18:44) YamaPi appears to introduce the FAX#! What a round of applause!

(18:46) SKY PerfeCT CM (Kame+Koki)

(18:50) YamaPi joining with KAT-TUN. Jin and Maru practicing live from Dance Koushien stage. Jin's "Ganbaruzo~!" sounded so energetic~ (^-^)

(18:58) Jin's face keeps appearing from the bottom right corner of the screen.  SO HOT! That smile beats all!!! アンガールズ start their marathon. It's finally getting dark outside.

(19:00) KAT-TUN's live in Budoukan! Singing Real Face while wearing the T-shirts. Supporting アンガールズ, the lyrics has been changed into "完走手に入れるんだ". Jin's so into the song when he sang "すべえってえ" and he looks so hot!! When アンガールズ's running scene ended, at that moment Jin's profile face beats all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

(19:08) Jin's smiling face when watching 久本-san's pretty..

(19:14) When seeing the 2 year old girl appearing in 久本's film, Jin quietly said to the person beside him "Kawaii...". That smile, you're the one who's kawaii!

(19:17) Their kizuna photo shoots appears. For the live they just sang (so fast, laugh)

(19:22) When showing the boy who has leukimia, Jin's face gets serious.

(19:31) 翔太-kun's story, truly..(TT)

(19:33) Everyone singing "翼をください". Jin and Kame singing from their hearts once again (TT)

(19:49) Jin's smile when watching the animals on the show.

(19:53) The story of the boy who has FOP and Koki. Jin felt the pain when watching the film, still very pretty profile face.

(20:13) Jin had almost no expression when watching くりいむしちゅー's video(^^; Just seem like he's watching TV at home (laugh) Well there's still a long way to go, relax for bit now(^^)

(20:18) but when watching the pianist with only 2 fingers on each hand he gets real serious!

(20:37) 平原綾香-san and ヒア-san's collab is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

(20:39) KAT-TUN's gone from the stage. Are they resting?

(20:44) KAT-TUN's back~~~~~~~~~!! Junno suddenly started to explain the donation, kinda scared me(^o^)

(20:54) Jin watching 松井-senshu and the boy's ball catching. Tilted his chin

(20:59) The sudden when Jin's watching 元基-kun was really hot!

(21:13) Jin read out loud supporting FAX to アンガールズ! Wonderful voice!

(21:15) Kame's dorama "Yuuki" start

*Right now I got mail from a friedn in Budoukan. When they were talking about the boy with leukimia, Jin kept sniffing his nose, seems like he's gonna cry. It's also said that this boy tried-out for Johnny's audition. Other news, Jin and Shinohara-san, Junno, Koki, Kame were discussing about something during CMs.♪

(21:33) Docomo Ikuze ongaku CM

(21:40) My boss my hero preview

(22:03) Rainbow gum CM

(23:05) Uebo's mogitate CM

(23:20) "Yuuki" ends.

(23:25) KAT-TUN and other artists' video appears again. Jin looks happy as usual(^-^) Jin's really energetic when dancing to the opening song(laugh)!!!

*Got mail from the friend again. When they weren't filming, they performed SIGNAL! But Jin forgot his lyrics for the second part, and didn't dance at all in the middle. Instead he just clapped his hand with the beat and other members surrounded him(laugh) Other than that, when watching videos, there's no were to sit and no chairs, he just pretended that he was sitting and made the whole crowd scream because he was so cute.

(23:37) Artist video #91 was the first time where KAT-TUN appeared on Japan TV. Singing the song "幸せについて本気だして考えてみた". Jin looking at himself was really shocked and his comment was "That was really bad right"(laugh)

(23:47) Seeing 寛平-san breaking Japan's record for shot put, Jin's really happy and smiled (melts)

(23:50) Rohto C CM

(23:57) Jin's weird face before the CM, I'm totally healed(laugh)

REPO 08.27

...Um...I can't translate...
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