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06.08.27 24 hours TV live report [updating..]

I know I'm late stop screaming at me... 


(00:15) Jin sitting beside 哀川翔-san! Jin seems too nervous to move(laugh)

(00:19) Jin watching アンガールズ getting massaged in the rest room

(00:42) 寛平's support group is so funny~(laugh) The camera was on Jin for a moment, he was quite into it(^^)

(00:44) Smiling Jin holding the button. The studio was in quite a hiatus because Junno lost his button.

(00:50) Artist survey corner, kinda tired here(laugh). It IS midnight. Close-up of Jin's hot appearance is quite noticible(laugh). Jin laughed awkwardly since no one got his joke.

(00:55) SKT PerfecTV CM (Jin+Junno ver.) The time has come~~~~~~~~~~~! Still really quick, no idea what it meant(laugh), but Jin's voice is still very nice!!!!!

(00:59) OXY CM. Seeing this at night is very interesting(^-^)

(01:04) Sesera CM

(01:06) 江川-san's baseball corner. Only KAT-U are left

(01:09) Beside Kame whose talking about baseball, Jin seem to be trying not to laugh. Also Jin said although he likes soccer, he has no idea who's the couch. Rather than watching the game, he would want to be a part of it.

(01:13) Jin was rejected by Handkerchief prince's blue kandkerchief's "What do you know?" Jin laughing shyly was so cute!

(01:25) Aoki Sayaka's "kizuna" corner. KAT-TUN all disappeared(^^;

(01:45) KAT-TUN's back!!! No time no see Jin~♪♪♪

(01:48) Jin LMAO when watching "くりいむ上田のBEAT YOUR HEART" performance!

(01:51) Watching カンニング竹山 film, Jin had a "WOW~~" expression.

(01:58) Watching Hoshino Aki's swim suit, Jin's BIG close-up(laugh)

(02:02) SKY PerfecTV CM (Jin+Junno)

*Sleepy corner, it's really late (laughs bitterly) Jin's watching the program very quietly(laugh)

(02:08) Jin's so cute when 山田 camera man asked him to stretch out his arms!

(02:11) Survey again. Jin holds his button and touches his nose

(02:18) Applause for Koki!!!!!!! Record of holding his breath under water for 38m. So cool!!!!! What a man...coming up saying "I'm OK". Jin laughed and asked: would your swim pants be too lose? Everyone LMAO. He definitely has different view on things(laugh)

(02:25) SKY PerfeCT CM, Jin+Junno, Koki+Ueda one after another.

(02:29) Really worried for 寛平 for his 400m run. So HOT...(><)

(02:33) It's here~~~~~~~~~~~! Jin's video back to back! 43rd "Leo blood type A boy"...was explained "notice his not-into-it-at-all kinda acting"(laugh) 42nd "Anego Mangolia dance" received a lot of good comments in the studio(laugh)

(02:37) Jin's solo shot after the CM. Why is KAT-TUN only left with Jin. Talking about his acting in "Leo".

*Even when it's midnight, even when he's by himself, Jin's hot as usual and beaming, this is the BEST(^O^)/

(02:45) The one who went in the hot bath, ISN'T IT JIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! UGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Staffs are so nice!! (no comment) You have to consider the viewers' desires! Jin's cute no matter what he does.

...Haa, haa, so-sorry, I went a little too far at this time..

But seeing Jin saying "You guys are annoying" to those famous artists, so calm and laughable(laugh) It's Jin~~

(03:01) Mascot boy-mode Jin. That smile is truly wonderful.

(03:06) It's great hearing Jin's "please please"! There's a lot of close-up too. Jin kept switching from ostrich-Jin-ostrich-Jin(laugh)

(03:30) KAT-TUN seems to be resting, watching artist and here comes the sunrise...

(04:21) Sesera CM. Seeing Jin's eyes in the morning is wonderful.

(05:26) The 100 artists secret videos ended. In front of Budoukan, KT-U appears!!...Jin must be still asleep(laugh)

(06:08) Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not enough Jin ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, come out come ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut(scream)

(07:32) Koki's back too, now there's 5 of them(explodes). I'm really concerned if he already went home and slept(laugh), though that was a joke(^^;

(07:45) Jin, Welcome back!!(^O^)/

(07:47) Jin sitting quietly listening to the mother of a cancer patient, doesn't look tired at all, but his hair looks a little messy, probably because he just woke up.

(07:59) Ghibli medley, KAT-TUN singing LUPUTA's "君をのせて". Jin's face when holding the mic and singing, ahh~ I've been healed~~~~~~~~~~~><

(08:10) Listening to the story of the memory-lost father, Jin's expression's still like last night, makes the viewers really feel how touching it is.

(08:17) CキューブCM

*This morning's sports newspaper reported "Akanishi cried" (In the performance of Jupiter). サンケイ sports newspaper also reported 24H related articles.

(09:03) Sesera CM

(09:19) Highschool swimming champion 俊介-kun's triathlon starts.

(09:26) Junno&Uebo brings the disabled baseball report. Jin's saying "WOW" and showing different expressions.

(09:47) ...yes. I'm crying my eyes out...Seeing Kentarou-kun really touched my heart......Junno don't cry......although I'm already crying so hard.......urg...cries......After this, either Kame singing "それぞれの胸に" while looking at the groups, or the energetic Jin dancing to VENUS with the jrs, and Harukana, the six of them waves to 群馬アトム's's really a good time....

(10:37) Jin going to 東銀座's 日産本社 gallery. His existance is really strong. No doubt that he's a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(10:45) OXY CM

(10:51) CキューブCM

(11:15) SKY PerfecTV Kame+Koki

(12:19) SKY PerfecTV Jin+Junno + Mogitate CM How many times is Koki's head gonna get hit during 24hrs(laugh)

(12:27) Long time no see Jin's appearance in Budoukan, looks quite tired. Ganbatte!!!

(12:31) Until 12'o clock the donation is 83,356,358

(12:38) Junno look like he wants to sleep too...Smiling while biting his lips watching Jin diving.

(12:38) Congrats for breaking the new world record of diving 183m!

(12:47) Jin and Kame choosen to read 俊介's triathlon's support FAX. Jin is definitely HOT! I felt safe just listening to his voice.

(12:57) Watching the blind soccer boy carefully, Jin's smile is really heart-felting!!!

(13:02) Jin loudly supporting the blind dance

(13:17) After watching the blind dance Jin's comments were "We always watched ourselved when practicing the dances, if you can't see it, then that's really hard~".

(13:22) SKY PerfecTV Uebo+Sesera CM

(13:27) Jin and Maru annoucing Dance Koushien starting

(13:35) Opening

(13:40) 仁様発言「セクシャルハラスメント的な」(笑)
[lmao...that meant sexual harassment]

*When introducing the groups, KAT-TUN and くりいむしちゅー's movements are so funny(laugh) (13:47) CキューブCM

(13:53) The profile face when Jin said "VTR de~su"

(14:01) Ah the rebellion group won! They were really straight at the end(laugh)

(14:09) Jin and Maru disappeared from the stage, now there's 4 left.

(14:58) YamaPi appears again

(15:16) Jin and Maru's back. Jin saying "let's go" to searching the lost treasure group!!

(15:17) LOVE JUNX start, Jin reading Takuya's letter. "I want to see Akanishi-kun's dance" Nice going!!(laugh) Takuya's house...really look like mine(lol). Jin and Maru's demonstration dance is really HOT!

(15:26) Watching Takuya-kun practicing at home. Jin "Have confidence in yourself""[I] make mistakes often too" cries.

(15:30) LOVE JUNX RULES!!!
Takuya-kun and Jin's dance is truly so together~~~I'm really touched! Tsubasa-kun too, everyone shocked me with their powers! I can't even describe with words. Letting the kids go up to the front, Jin is so nice~~~~I really look upto him!!!!!!! I cried again...urg. Thank you.....

(15:33) OXY CM

(15:34) YamaPi comes to stage.

(15:39) LOVE JUNX dance and JinMaru's kizuna photo shot!!!

(16:02) Jin's waving his hand and singing "la la la".

(16:03) AMIGO start.

(16:07) Shuuji to Akira. Jrs, Dance Koushien and LOVE JUNX dance together.

(16:11) Jin sniffing his nose during Amigo dance, what a playful boy♪

(16:18) Watching アンガールズ nervously

(16:29) OXY CM

(16:30) Watching the girl who has marble bone disease closely, Jin was relieved when the marrow transplant was successful.

(16:40) New drama. "たったひとつの恋"

*4 hours left!!!! Please continue until the end!(^-^)

(18:07) Listening carefully to the environmental issues.

(18:22) The donation before 6'o clock was 223,007,793 yen! Jin applausing.

(18:28) Jin had pain on his face when watching the dying animal.

(18:42) SKY PerfecTV

(19:22) Jin smiling while watching くりいむしちゅー chatting with the mother.

(19:35) KAT-TUN opening with mosaicart.

(19:59) 俊介-kun GOAL!!!!!!!! Jin smiling "good job!" and read the supporting FAX.

(20:05) Jin's letter 
Wa~~~~~~~~~(explodes and cries) 
So crafty in the end~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
But still so care~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Six of them in a circle, kizuna, real face, smiling face is the best. 

(20:33) Everyone singing No More Cry

(20:38) The singing that beats all. Jin's high pitched sound shakes the ground.

(20:40) アンガールズ GOAL IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remembered to applause in the end.

(20:45) Singing サライ

(20:52) Ends.

 REPO 08.26

OMG I'm seriously getting blind here...can't help it...will update when I wake up...or at least until I'm not so dizzy anymore...
gomen minna

Finally I'm done...*dizzy*
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