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reports of Lands corner in TGC

Quite a few reports of TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection) have come out, so I just make a simple outline of them.

#The screens showed some scenes in the movie Bandage (including some doki doki moments). The movie looks quite interesting. They also showed the interview between Kobayashi-san and Iwai-san. There they talked about Bandage and Jin for a bit.

#In the special collection project produced by Kobayashi-san, Jin appeared as super surprise guest. He introduced himself and sang one song. After that he said "Thank you" (like he did in Wonder).

#The song has a nice melody and sounds a bit nostalgic. Kobayashi-san played guitar there.

#His hair was pretty much the same as he's in Hokkaido concerts, and he looked quite skinny. He's shy and has a bit of facial hair on his chin. He wore socks with star patterns (maybe Natsu-kun's style), very cute.

#Camera was forbidden for the whole show. When Jin appeared the staffs added more NO CAMERA boards

#He wrote lyrics on his palm, and he was quite nervous but cute.

#The fake moon tattoo appeared on his finger again

#He probably sang wrong lyrics in the beginning and he laughed a bit for that~very cute.

#Very loud cheers in the venue when he walked to the side way (hanamichi?).

info from the official TGC website (no photo because of the Johnny's copyright thing)



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